Saturday, August 25, 2012

One week down......

Well I have officially completed my first week of medical school !!! Unfortunately, its not all that exciting in reality. I learned fast that the weekends in medical school are not welcomed nearly as much as they were in undergrad. The weekends consist of studying, studying, and more studying.....and CPR training this first week.

All of the first termers were required to complete the BLS CPR training which was alot more involved than normal CPR training. In addition to learning how to just do CPR, we learned how to use the AED (automated external defibrillators), and the breathing bag valve masks (that you see on tv shows that the EMTs always have). Even though it took up three and a half hours of studying time, it was a cool class and its pretty evident that we need to be certified if we are medical students.

As for the first week of class, I'll just go day by day and say how everything played out!

Monday: Although it was technically the first day of classes, we only had 30 minute sessions with each class and essentially the professor went over how the class is organized and other basic orientation stuff. By the way, my classes for this semester are: Histology (the study of cells at a microscopic level), Gross Anatomy and Development, Medical Biochemistry, and Bioethics and Professionalism. In addition, I have a histology, anatomy, and bioethics laboratory/small group sessions. Monday night was the best part of the day because we had the White Coat Ceremony !! It was an awesome feeling to put the white coat on and although I feel undeserving of the white coat now, it was a good feeling. The keynote speaker at our ceremony was Dr. DeAngelis, who some may recognize as the Editor-In-Chief of the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA). She was a great speaker and as a pediatrician herself, she had tons of insight into our futures and lives as medical students.

Tuesday: The 'real' first day of class. I had my bioethics/professionalism small group discussion that morning. Essentially a group of about 7-8 of us students are matched up with a physician at the school and we go over different situations with ethical dilemmas that we may see someday. It was the first session and everybody was pretty nervous and shy about the whole thing so I think next week may be more interactive. We also had bioethics and histology lecture this day.

Wednesday: I had histology lab in the morning which I enjoyed alot. Again we were in groups of about 7-8 with a clinical tutor and we went over different histological slides. The awesome part is that everything with histology is digitalized now and there is no hassling around with the microscopes. We also had biochemistry and anatomy lecture. Biochemistry was not that bad but anatomy was insane. We went over the entire back and all the important muscles, their innervations, and their blood supply in addition to their actions. It was a big lecture and it kinda scared me at first.

Thursday: We had anatomy and biochemistry again. Anatomy went MUCH better and I felt alot more comfortable with the nervous system (Thanks UA PSIO dept. !! )

Friday: Anatomy and histology. Most of histology was a review of connective tissue (Thanks to UA PSIO again :) ) Anatomy was the autonomic nervous system.

Overall I had a great week. Although I felt overwhelmed after the first lecture, I have fallen into a good study schedule. If I don't have lab in the morning, I study from about 8-noon, then grab lunch, class from 1-5, and then study from 6-11 and then go to bed. The 8-noon studying sometimes gets messed with on days I have lab.

This upcoming week we start anatomy lab !! That will be both exciting and challenging, but I am looking forward to that.

Hope everybody is doing well, have a nice week !

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