Sunday, October 14, 2012

We're Halfway There

So it has been quite some time since I last posted on here, sorry!! I have been studying like a mad person for these midterms that just ended on Friday. We had our Biochemistry midterm on Monday, Histology on Wednesday, and Anatomy (w/ practical) on Friday. So far I have only received one grade (biochem) and I am pretty happy with it. It is weird that you study as much as you do, hours upon hours, and yet when you still do not get an A on the exam you are still content with that grade. Although I was close to the A, I still wish I had done just a couple points better for it. I was very prepared for the histology final so I felt like that went well. The anatomy final was split into 2 sections, a written 125 MCQ exam, and then a 25 question practical in the cadaver lab. The MCQ portion was not horrible and I felt pretty good about it but the practical was much tougher. Overall I was happy with the way the exams went and it is nice to start over with a new half of the semester tomorrow!

The past month before midterms was pretty quiet. It mostly just consisted of me studying, sleeping, classes, labs, and eating subway every day. This weekend after midterms we finally had the opportunity to go out to THE bar (Bananas) and on Saturday we went on a Catamaran trip and went snorkeling. Today I have been watching football and I just got back from cliff-jumping. It has been SOO nice to just sit back and relax for a full weekend and get caught up on sleep before the second half of the semester starts up again.

Hope everybody in the states is doing well. I am starting to really miss all of my favorite things......friends, family, favorite food places, Mexican food, hamburgers, football, ESPN....December 16th can't come soon enough.


  1. Love the pictures. Cliff Diving??!!! EEK! Um---WOW on your tests. Subway taste the same??
    I'd let you know the weather temp here in Des Moines but being in AZ most of the time I doubt you're missing any freezing weather. :)

  2. This is amazing! Glad you're having fun!